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Search engine optimization

A Box Page comes with many SEO features built in.

You can configure the meta title, description and robots tags, OpenGraph tags as well as a canonical URL in the Boxes Editor's -> Page -> SEO Tab.

Setup required!

In order for the SEO attributes to be rendered, you need to add a {% placeholder meta %} tag to the <head> section of your layout.

Customizing the meta tags

All SEO meta tags are generated in the boxesPage::seo.htm partial.

To customize the output, copy the file plugins/offline/boxes/components/boxesPage/seo.htm to themes/<your-theme>/partials/boxesPage/seo.htm and customize it.

OpenGraph images

The OpenGraph image for the page can be uploaded in the backend on the Boxes Editor's -> Page -> SEO Tab.

You can also override the OpenGraph image from any Partial's Twig content by calling the setOpenGraphImage method on the boxesPage variable.

{% set image = someModel.some_images_relation.first() %}

{{ boxesPage.setOpenGraphImage(image) }}

Alternatively, use the setBoxesPageOpenGraphImage method from any component that is rendered on a Boxes Partial.

<?php namespace YourVendor\YourPlugin\Components;

use Cms\Classes\ComponentBase;

class SomeComponent extends ComponentBase
    public function onRun()
        // Set the Boxes Page's OpenGraph image.
        if ($this->methodExists('setBoxesPageOpenGraphImage')) {
            /** @var \System\Models\File $image */
            $image = SomeModel::first()->image;