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Multisite Pro Feature

Since October CMS 3.1 Multisite content is supported natively.

Boxes provides first-party support for multisite content.

Creating content for multiple sites

When switching Sites in the October CMS backend, the Boxes Editor will ask you to create a copy of the currently edited page for the new Site.

Between Sites, you will always work on copies of a page. No data is shared between Sites.

Once a Boxes Page was created on a new Site, you can use the Page on main site dropdown to select a page on the main site that this new page belongs to.

When a user switches Sites in the frontend, Boxes will automatically work out the correct page for the selected Site and redirect the user.

Displaying a site picker

You can use the native sitePicker component from October CMS to display a site picker. Boxes will handle the URL creation for you.

    {% for site in sitePicker.sites %}
            <a href="{{ site.url }}">
                {{ site.locale }}
    {% endfor %}


There are a few relations available when using the multisite feature:

  • site returns the related site
  • root_page returns the related page from the main site
  • current_site_page always returns the related page for the currently active site
  • multisite_pages returns all related pages from all sites


<p>This page is available in the following languages:</p>

    {% for page in boxesPage.multisite_pages %}
            <a href="{{ }}{{ page.url }}">
                {{ }}
    {% endfor %}

Mirror all Boxes pages to a new Site

When adding a new Site to your October CMS installation, you can use the boxes:mirror-site console command to create a 1:1 copy of all Pages on the newly created site.

Simply specify the ID of the source Site and the ID of the target Site when calling the command:


Since this is a possibly destructive operation, make sure to back up your database before running this command. All Boxes Pages on the target site will be deleted before the new pages are created.

# Mirror Site 1 to Site 2
php artisan boxes:mirror-site --from=1 --to=2