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October 3.1 with Multisite Pro Feature

Starting from October 3.1, the suggested way to build multilingual websites is to use the Multisite feature. RainLab.Translate is no longer required to translate page content.

Boxes works with Multisite out of the box. No special configuration is required. See Multisite for more information.

October 3.0 with RainLab.Translate

Boxes has built-in support for RainLab.Translate.

Install required dependencies

First, make sure that the RainLab.Translate plugin is installed:

composer require rainlab/translate-plugin

Define translatable fields

Simply add a translatable key to a Box config to make the defined fields translatable in the Boxes editor.

handle: box-with-translatable-fields

# Only needed for RainLab.Translate,
# not October's Multisite feature!
- title

    title: # This is now translatable
      label: Title
      type: text