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To run the Boxes plugin, your server needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • PHP 8.0 or higher
  • October 3.0 or higher


Free Version

Visit the GitHub Repo of the free Boxes version and follow the installation instructions.

To install the plugin, buy a license on the October CMS Marketplace and add the plugin to a project.

Then run the project:sync command to download the plugin:

php artisan project:sync
# or install the plugin directly:
# php artisan plugin:install OFFLINE.Boxes


Make sure you have placed the {% scripts %} and {% styles %} tags in your layout.
If these tags are missing, the Boxes Editor will not work correctly.

Also, to make use of the SEO feature, you need to add a {% placeholder meta %} tag to the <head> section of your layout.


{% scripts %} added to the layout
{% styles %} added to the layout
{% placeholder meta %} added to the layout