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Upgrade to version 3.0 (Unpublished)

In version 3.0 of Boxes, the following new features will be introduced:

Revision System

The plugin now comes with a revision system for each page. This introduces a new workflow for editing content:

  1. All changes in the Boxes Editor happen in a draft state.
  2. When you are done editing, you have to publish the changes to the live site.

Since this is a major change, the new major version will be 3.0. If you want to keep using the old workflow, simply stay on version 2.0. Note that no new features will be added to the 2.0 version.

Boxes References

The plugin now comes with a new "References" partial. This partial is displayed by default. To opt out of this feature, set the BOXES_DISABLE_REFERENCES environment variable to true.

The Reference partial allows you to re-use existing Boxes from other pages. This enables you to create a "global" set of Boxes that can be re-used on multiple pages.

Changes to the referenced Boxes will be reflected on all pages that use them.

Upgrade to version 2.1

In version 2.1 the Boxes content that is attached to custom models has been moved to a new Content model.

This means you have to change the Page model to the new Content model in any morphOne relationship you have defined in your own models.

    public $morphOne = [
        'your_relation' => [
-            \OFFLINE\Boxes\Models\Page::class,
+            \OFFLINE\Boxes\Models\Content::class,
            'name' => 'content'