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Version 3.6

The revision system is now disabled by default for new installations.

It can be enabled in the backend settings.

Version 3.5

The BOXES_MULTISITE_MIRRORING_ENABLED option has been removed. The automatic mirroring of a Page when switching sites was bad UX.

A Page can now be copied to another site by clicking the "Copy to site" button in the Boxes Editor.

Version 3.4

You can now edit Box Partials directly in the Editor section of the backend.

Version 3.3

Added new config entry BOXES_MULTISITE_MIRRORING_ENABLED to opt-out of automatic Multisite mirroring.

If this option is set to false, Boxes will not prompt you to create a copy of a Page when switching between Sites in the Boxes Editor.

See Configuration for more information.

Version 3.2

Added support for single file partials. This allows you to create partials that only contain a single file.

See Defining the Box config inline for more information.

Version 3.1

In version 3.1 of Boxes, the following new features have been introduced.

Placeholder Previews

When inserting a new Box, the placeholder will now show a preview of the Box. It is filled with example data. The example data for each field can be overridden by setting the example property on the field.

See Placeholder Previews for more information.

To opt-out of this feature, set the BOXES_PLACEHOLDER_PREVIEW_ENABLED environment variable to false.

Dark mode support

The Boxes Editor can now be used with October's dark mode enabled.

Version 3.0

In version 3.0 of Boxes, the following new features have been introduced.

To update to this version, you can run the following command:

composer require offline/oc-boxes-plugin:^3.0

Revision System

The plugin now comes with a revision system for each page. This introduces a new workflow for editing content:

  1. All changes in the Boxes Editor happen in a draft state.
  2. When you are done editing, you have to publish the changes to the live site.

You can opt out of this feature by disabling it in the backend.

Boxes References

The plugin now comes with a new "References" partial. This partial is displayed by default.

The Reference partial allows you to re-use existing Boxes from other pages. This enables you to create a "global" set of Boxes that can be re-used on multiple pages.

Changes to the referenced Boxes will be reflected on all pages that use them.

You can opt out of this feature by setting the BOXES_REFERENCES_ENABLED environment variable to false.

Dynamic Labels

You can now specify a dynamic label for each partial in the Boxes Editor using the labelFrom property.

See the Box Configs page for more information.

Searchbox for Pages in Boxes Editor

You can now filter the list of pages in the Boxes Editor. The search field can be triggered by pressing Ctrl + K or Cmd + K and supports keyboard navigation.

Optimized Multisite Support

The Multisite support has been further optimized. The plugin now automatically asks if you want to create a copy of a Page when switching between Sites in the Boxes Editor.

Boxes Editor Remembers Page

The Boxes Editor now remembers the page you were editing after reloading the page.

Unpinned Sidebar in Boxes Editor

The right sidebar can now be unpinned in the Boxes Editor. This gives you more space to edit your content.