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Box Partials

Box partials are standard October CMS partials. Once they have a Box config defined, they are available for use in the Boxes editor.

Accessing data

Every Box partial has access to a box variable. On that variable, you can access all data that was entered in the Boxes editor.

<h1>{{ box.title }}</h1>

Accessing the render context

A Box is often part of a Page. Using the context variable, you can get information on where and how the Box is rendered on that page.


The context.loop variable gives you access to Twig's original loop variable.

{% if context.loop.first %}
    <h1>I am the first box on this page</p>
{% endif %}


The context.partial variable gives you access to the Box partial and the Box config.

Rendering {{ context.partial.path }}:
This partial is called {{ }}.